Additional Services

What can we do for you? Plenty.

PCB Layout

We are experienced, accurate, and incredibly fast, with a wide range of services and capabilities. In fact, we’re a leading provider of total, turnkey solutions for all areas of electronic design and complexities.

PCB Design Capabilities and Experience:

Circuit Types

  • DDR/DDR2
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • SATA
  • PCI
  • PC-104
  • VME
  • ALL major FPGA, CPLD, and processors
  • Switching power Supplies
  • RF from 10 KHz to 10 GHz
  • Mixed technologies - Analog, Digital, and RF on the same PCB
  • Motherboards
  • All major standard slot types
  • Signal Integrity Experts
  • Power Amplifiers

PCB Construction/Packaging

  • Micro BGA’s
  • Buried, blind, and/or micro vias
  • Buried capacitance
  • COB
  • High density double sided SMT

CAD Systems

  • PADS PowerPCB for layout
  • Valor for DFF and DFM


  • In-Circuit-Test
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Micro-Vias
  • Multi-Layer
  • We will design a Panel/Array for easy manufacturing if required/requested
  • File Management and Backup System

PCB Fabrication and Assembly

We match the complexity and technology of your fabrication or assembly order with our large supplier base to keep your costs low and retain a high-quality result. What are the benefits to you? Precision, quality, speed, and efficiency.

PCB Fabrication Capabilities

  • ISO-9002
  • 1-24 Layers
  • .003/.003 Spacing
  • Micro-Vias
  • Quick Turn: as little as 1 day
  • BGAs and Micro-BGAs
  • SMTs
  • Controlled Impedance Requirements
  • Teflon, Rogers 4003, Polyimide, FR4, GFN, etc.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • ISO-9002
  • Quick Turn
  • BGAs and Micro-BGAs
  • SMTs
  • Through-Hole
  • In-Circuit-Test
  • Functional Test
  • Flying-Lead Probe Testing