Accuracy / Quality

Practice makes (nearly) perfect.

“I recommend PCB Design Plus unreservedly. If you have a board that needs to work the first time, you go to David Fisher.”

—principal engineer at a leading aerospace and defense company

While we can’t say that we’ve never made a mistake, we make fewer of them than just about anyone. In fact, our accuracy rate on first-time designs is a remarkable 99%. Which is simply the product of hard work, and experience with more than 10,000 board layouts—many of them critical, complex RF designs.

When you’ve done that many PCB layouts, you know the pitfalls before they happen, so you can design around them. You have enough engineering knowledge that you don’t need someone sitting over your shoulder directing you. And you know to keep safety and manufacturability in mind as you create the layout.

Because of the widespread use of automated PCB design, doing multiple rounds of layouts until you hit upon one that actually works is almost an industry standard. At PCB Design Plus, we don’t think that’s good enough. We make sure that our designs work the first time. So you’ll want to use us the next time.